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I’m Heather, part of Bryn Mawr’s “Online Envoys” team! I’m a senior geology major, a tour guide, and a co-captain of the Bryn Mawr-Haverford Horned Toads rugby team. I like writing and science and Erdman’s magic cookie bars. This blog will chronicle my adventures during my final year at Bryn Mawr– from traditions to writing my senior thesis and everything┬á between. Anassa kata!

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  1. I saw this post on Bryn Mawr Class of 2015 wall on facebook and thought to myself, “is that Bambi?!” haha. Bambi this is awesome! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures ­čÖé

    one of the frosh on the rugby team

  2. Hi read your post off google geology news here in Kandahar Afghanistan and made me think of all the wonderful non-MAN geologists i’ve known, likely went on the same field trip to Valley Forge in my undergraduate days at Temple. I’m a hydrogeologist on detail from Philadelphia’s USEPA Region III Superfund office working for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers doing water supply work for coalition forces and the Afghan people, the pics of the beach geology trip brought back fond memories too. A lot of great non-MAN geologists at USEPA Region III, if you’d like a referral or contact i’d be happy to help

  3. Heather,

    A cool mural art tour is coming thru Bryn Mawr — Merion Green (Wednesday, 12-3pm, rain or shine) and Haverford (Thursday).

    NY and Philly’s best graffiti artists will be on hand to paint a pro-peace mural and we’ll be offering students a chance to paint with them, and do their own tags. Drop by to join in the fun, listen to the music and pick up some cool giveaways.

    Would be cool if you stopped by to say hi and help fellow students paint.

    Email me with any questions.


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